Aquajet is a high-quality dental irrigator made by the Singaporean manufacturer Little Doctor, which stands out with its special comfort and power. The water jet created pressure is probably the highest on the market, and the low price really pleasantly surprises the buyer. The Aquajet oral irrigator line consists of 2 models: Aquajet LD-A3 and Aquajet LD-A8. The first model, the Aquajet LD-A3, is a lightweight and compact cordless tool. It develops up to 5.8 ATM water flow pressure (intensity adjustable), is charged with the included USB charger, and has a convenient water container that can hold all the accessories. The color of the container can be chosen from gray, blue, and pink. The main advantage of the device is the unique DAF® technology. Water is poured into a 160ml container, but an unlimited external tank can be used for long procedures (for example bracket cleaning). We recommend this device for traveling, active people and those who want a space-saving, portable irrigator.

Our other dental irrigator model, the Aquajet LD-A8, is more powerful, with an adjustable capacity water flow pressure of 8 ATM, which is probably the highest on the market. The device has a large capacity 0.5L tank, a place to put the nozzles and can be attached to the wall. Irrigator LD-A8 works only from 220V electric. network, so can be used at home. We recommend this machine for those who want uncompromising power.